About Us

Our Story: A Journey that Began in 1995

Our story began in the year 1995 when a dream was woven from the heart of a loving family. It all started with the vision and passion of a remarkable woman, a housewife , a mother who is our beloved founder.

A Homegrown Legacy: Back then, our home was more than just a place of comfort and warmth; it was a hub of creativity and tradition. Our mother embarked on a beautiful journey, starting with selling exquisite sarees right from our living room. Her discerning eye for quality and design soon became the talk of the town.

The Transition to Kurtas:But the story didn’t stop with sarees. The years rolled on, and with each passing day, our love for Indian fashion grew stronger. Inspired by the timeless elegance of kurtas, our home-based enterprise gracefully transitioned to include these versatile garments. Our founder’s dedication to bringing the finest kurtas to your doorstep became the cornerstone of our brand.

A Legacy to Cherish: Today, we stand as a testament to her enduring love for Indian fashion and her unyielding commitment to quality. PRADHYAY proudly carries forward her legacy, offering you an array of kurtas that blend tradition, style, and comfort seamlessly.

Our Promise: Our journey is deeply rooted in the love and passion that our founder instilled in us. As you explore our collection, you’ll discover kurtas that reflect the very essence of Indian culture. Each piece is a tribute to her vision and to the artisans who craft these treasures. We promise to uphold the values and dedication that she has instilled in us. We remain committed to bring you dresses that tell a story, that carry a legacy, and that celebrate the beauty of Indian fashion.

Join Us in Celebrating Her Legacy: At PRADHYAY, we invite you to be a part of our journey—a journey that began in a home filled with love and passion for sarees, kurtas, and the rich tapestry of Indian tradition. Explore our collection and follow us on social media for exclusive updates as we continue to share our love for kurtas.

Thank you for being a part of our legacy. We look forward to dressing you in the timeless elegance of Indian attires.